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Cuba mystery grows: New details on what befell US diplomats

Years ago, when my boys were still boys, I offered them an idea for an invention. A target sound-emitting device that would disrupt the molecular structure of a weapon such that it would either disintegrate or misfire. This is not quite what I had in mind, but it appears as though the Cuban government has developed something akin to the weapon I described to my sons.

Can yoga therapy stimulate stem cell trafficking from bone marrow?

The rejuvenating and curative effects experienced by yoga practitioners could be attributed to repair and regeneration of tissues by replacement and recruitment of cells differentiated from the stem cell which is beyond the drug action. Therefore, yoga practice can be looked upon as one of the best ways to facilitate stem cell trafficking essential for healthy living and improving the quality of life under the scenario of rise in longevity of human being.

Japan is so broke that its prisons are full of 80+ year old ‘felons’

I’ve heard of cruise ships as a form of assisted living, and I used to joke about prison as a retirement solution with friends, but I hadn’t heard of people actually retiring to the comfort of prison.

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